Saturday, February 4, 2017

Windy Wellington

After our year with the Breakers in Auckland for the NBL League( we made it to the last game and lost the Championship...sore subject) we played 3 months in the New Zealand Basketball league. If you are confused don't worry, so am I. too many leagues, too many teams, too much moving! 
I can hardly keep track so I don't feel bad if you can't either.

It was our first time in Wellington New Zealand and we really LOVED this city. It is called, "windy wellington" for obvious reasons. It is a darling, vibrant city right on the water. It had awesome food, good people, cool vibes and beautiful scenery. win win win.
They put us up downtown wellington on a popular street. It was so nice to be able to walk downstairs and get food all hours of the night. We were on the same street as a lot of bars which wasn't ideal for baby but it was fun for us to be right smack dab in the city. 
Tai ended up winning the championship, with the Wellington Saints and it was an awesome end to a great year. I'm so proud of my husband, he worked really hard this year and I'm grateful for all he does to support us. Without his job, we wouldn't get to  travel to all these amazing places so I try to never take that for granted.Yes, he is a really a great basketball player,  but his heart is what I love most! He is a great dad and a very loving and attentive husband. #blessed 

Major loved the city too, he grew so big and got his first two bottom teeth here. He turned 5 months old and loved to jump in his Johnny jump! He also decided he was done sleeping in his cot and decided that co sleeping was more his style. The beginning of the end for Tai and I! haha 
So thanks a lot Wellington! haha jk I don't blame you, I blame my lack of will power.

These 3 months flew by, but we were SO ready to be home. By the end of that 9th month we are always itching to get back to the States and see our family! 

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